"Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted"

Eleanor Roosevelt


"Adventure is just bad planning"

Roald Amundsen

Our security training is designed to makes sure our clients can operate safely in a broad range of environments and situations.

Our trainers are highly qualified, come from a variety of military and specialist backgrounds, and have real-world operational experience, which means they are uniquely placed to deliver training for current and realistic scenarios.

Our flagship 25-day Advanced Close Protection course is a great example of this approach, offering a fully immersive experience and training that goes beyond what’s required by the SIA but ensures our students understand the reality of a career in Close Protection.

We also offer bespoke training packages to meet the particular needs of our clients. They can be delivered anywhere around the world, and at client premises if required.

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Travel Safety Awareness Training

Whether you are a business sending key personnel to work overseas, a parent helping your child prepare for gap year travel or an organisation planning expeditions or aid missions, obtaining personal safety and travel awareness is invaluable for peace of mind, meeting your duty of care and most importantly minimising the risks faced by travellers to challenging environments.

All of our instructors teach from first-hand experience and in the past have provided travel planning and close protection to a range of clients including royalty, heads of state, celebrities and business leaders. This expertise combined with comprehensive courses that are designed to engage with candidates and encourage participation, leads to training packages that not only challenge and stimulate, but also instil confidence when embarking on foreign travel.

Although the main content of our safety awareness course is designed to be applicable in all aspects of the candidate’s life, they can also be fully bespoke in order to meet a client’s particular needs or concerns.

Unarmed Combat & Self Defence Training

Galahad Associates offer several unarmed combat training packages of varying duration, ranging from basic self-defence for students, lone workers and employees operating in challenging environments to more in depth courses for security services personnel and close protection officers.

All techniques are designed to be learnt quickly and used in real-life scenarios. Course content will be made up of combinations of the following modules, based on the needs of the client and areas of operation.

  • Long Range Combat
  • Medium Range Combat
  • Short Range Combat
  • Blunt Weapon Management
  • Edged Weapon Management
  • Ballistic Weapon Management

Hostile Environment
Awareness Training

These courses are aimed primarily at those working in or re-entering hostile or post conflict areas. The syllabus is designed to prepare personnel for a range of situations and contingencies as well as giving them an understanding of the logistical, security and cultural issues involved in the specific location.

The course is fully bespoke, and comprises a combination of the following modules plus content specific to client’s needs and areas of operation:

  • Personal threat and risk assessment
  • Kidnap avoidance and reaction
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Personal safety when travelling on foot or in vehicles
  • Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) familiarisation
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) awareness
  • Navigation and route planning
  • Hotel and residential security
  • First aid and trauma management
  • Basic personal survival
  • Off road driving
  • Conflict management and self-defence
  • Cultural awareness
  • Contingency and evacuation planning

Driver Training

Galahad Associates provide a number of comprehensive, high-quality driver training packages, including advanced driving for close protection officers, off road driving and anti ambush driving. All courses can be tailored to suit the needs of the client, which we are happy to discuss on an individual basis.

All courses are run by trained and qualified police advanced drivers and experienced close protection officers.

As an illustration of the level of training we can offer, below is an example three-day course aimed at improving the driving skills of close protection officers and security chauffeurs.

  • Duties and responsibilities of the close protection driver
  • Introduction to defensive and advanced driving
  • Route planning and selection
  • Tactical driving & convoy driving procedures
  • Introduction to anti-ambush driving
  • Emergency procedures and contingency planning for accidents and breakdowns
  • Basic driving techniques and cockpit checks
  • Demonstration and practice of the “system of car control”
  • Dealing with corners, bends and roundabouts
  • Awareness training surrounding road rage and necessary safety procedures
  • Car-jacking, avoidance and reaction
  • Principal embus and debus drills. Reaction to attack and principal evacuation

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