High Threat Medic course

Congratulations to those men and women who attended and passed the latest High Threat Medic course held at the Galahad Associates training facility.

Our chief medical instructor JB drew on his extensive experience to provide a training package that had the FPOS intermediate qualification at its core, but bought a wealth of other skills targeted at those operating in hostile or remote areas, including IV fluid therapy, suturing and mass casualty care.

Often courses will dwell on the trauma aspect and gloss over the primary health care and issues that are far more likely to occur when providing Close Protection or security in remote areas or whilst at sea. Our course looked in depth at the common illnesses and also how to provide effective monitoring and aftercare post incident.

As you can see from the images below there was a large portion of the course given over to practical scenarios and exercises including road traffic incidents, evacuating spinal casualties from confined spaces and extracting a casualty who has sustained gunshot wounds whilst coming under fire.

The feedback from those who attended was very good and all came away with the confidence that in a medical emergency they would have the skills needed to provide critical first response and to stabilise the patient.

Anyone who is interested in gaining the FPOS – I qualification in a practical, scenario led environment should click on the link below for further information on the course.



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