Galahad Associates Specialist Training Facility

Our training facility in Ringwood is now fully completed and we took advantage of a rare glimpse of sunshine to capture some images.

Set over 100 acres we have a range of environments to train in. Based around our secure compound we have a 1.5km off road driving circuit, an evasive and anti-ambush driving area, woodland and desert zones where we can set up a range of scenarios including illegal checkpoints, road traffic accidents, bogged down vehicles and IEDs. plus a range of stances that enable us to move training from the classroom into the outdoors making it a far more enjoyable and practical learning experience.

Anyone interested in one of our courses is always welcome to visit us at the facility, where they will be able to meet members of the training team and experience what Galahad associates has to offer.

Please enjoy the images below (click on any image to enlarge)


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