Protective Driving

Tactical driving skills

2013 Course Dates

August 6th - August 8th
October 8th - October 10th

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About the course

The Galahad Associates protective driving course is a practical and realistic training package aimed at Close Protection officers, security drivers and personnel operating in challenging environments.

Whether you have recently undertaken one of the more basic SIA CP courses and want to add to your training, or have been operating for some time and want to refresh or update your skills, this course will provide an excellent insight into best practice when it comes to providing security whilst mobile.

Taught by a highly experienced team who have real life experience of mobile protection duties. This course will provide everything you need to plan and execute a safe and progressive drive, whilst giving you the ability to deal with a range of worst case scenarios.

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Day One

The first day of the course looks the planning of a successful road move and addresses some of the difficulties faced by security teams, including principals who self drive and dealing with the so called “professional” drivers who may be contracted in for a task. Subjects covered include:

  • Route planning and selection
  • Vehicle selection and checks
  • In-car etiquette
  • Dealing with professional drivers

Before any road move can commence we first need to get the principal into the vehicle. If this is taking place at a pre-planned or known location then it becomes a likely point for an incident to occur, whether thats a full scale attack or an over zealous group of fans. Therefore on day one you will also cover:

  • Vehicle positioning
  • High and low profile drills
  • Working as an individual BG
  • Working as a team
  • Dealing with media
  • Dealing with doormen or greeters
  • Dealing with crowds
  • Reaction to attack




Day Two

Day two of the course is all about moving the principal from A to B as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible, regardless of the environment.

Training on day two takes place at our private facility and on public roads.

Subjects covered include:

  • Highway code and general driving proficiency
  • Situational awareness
  • Mobile anti surveillance drills
  • 2 – 4 vehicle convoy drills
  • Convoy driving and road positioning for permissive and hostile environments


Day Three

When it comes to anti ambush driving, we don’t teach outdated or ineffective Hollywood manoeuvres such as J-turns or handbrake turns that at best are difficult to perform under pressure, and at worst endanger the life of your principal or passengers. Instead we concentrate on realistic drills used to counter and react to range of attacks, from a rolling ambush or drive-by style attack, to static ambushes with a threat from the front or sides.

During the day we look at a range of different scenarios including multiple car convoys, both soft-skinned and armoured as well as a range of attack options both on and off road.

During the day emphasis is placed on the difficulty of countering or surviving a vehicle ambush and this serves to reinforce the importance  of good situational awareness and mobile anti-surveillance.

  • Attack from front (1, 2 and 3 car convoy)
  • Flanking attack (1,2 and 3 car convoy)
  • Rolling ambushes
  • Vehicle checkpoints
  • Off road driving and 4×4 handling

This day can be taken as a stand-alone course (see below for pricing details)

Meet the team

JP is one of the UK’s most highly regarded Close Protection instructors with a vast amount of operational and training experience. Having served in the Royal Marines in a variety of operational roles that include CP and surveillance, JP left in 2002 to forge a highly successful career in commercial Close Protection. Having provided Close Protection to Royalty, celebrities and high level business executives in over 20 countries over 5 continents JP is supremely qualified to design and deliver Close Protection training courses.

SL served for 27 years with the Royal Marines, 21 of which were with UKSF meaning that SL brings an un-paralleled amount of experience to the team. With a skill set that spans close protection and surveillance as well as hostage negotiation, counter terrorism and advanced driving SL has extensive operational experience around the globe. Since leaving the marines SL has gone on to forge a successful career in commercial security as well as becoming a qualified Krav Maga instructor.

AH is another former Royal Marine with a vast amount of Close Protection experience gained since 2005. Alex spent several years as the personal protection officer for a high-ranking member of a Middle Eastern Royal family, providing security during international travel. More recently AH has been involved in maritime security and has undertaken transits on both commercial shipping and super-yachts. AH is also a qualified personal fitness and physical intervention instructor.

SM comes from a police career spanning 30 years, a large percentage of which was served as a surveillance operative working on high-level operations including organised crime and anti-terror. Since 2005 SM was an advanced surveillance instructor delivering training to both the police and UK Special Forces. SM is also a police advanced driver and assessor.



Candidates completing the 3 day course will be awarded a Galahad associates certificate in Protective driving.

Those completing the 1 day course will be awarded the Galahad Associates certificate in Anti-ambush driving.





Course Prices

Package One

3 day package excluding accommodation:


  • Protective Driving Course
  • Daily lunch

Cost £395.00 (inc. VAT)

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Package Two

3 day package including accommodation and meals


  • Protective Driving Course
  • 2 nights 4 star hotel accommodation in twin room (single rooms available for a supplement)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Cost £455.00 (inc.VAT)

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Package Three

1 day Anti-ambush driving course

Cost £185.00 (inc.VAT)

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Specialist training facility in Hampshire

Our training facility is located near Ringwood in Hampshire and covers an area of over 100 acres with a number of different terrains and training areas. This gives us scope for a range of evolutions to be run on site, including off-road driving and anti ambush scenarios.


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