Tactical Trauma Care

2016 Course Dates


2nd - 5th March 2017 (Open course)

Other dates available on request for corporate or group bookings.

About the course

The First Person on Scene/TTC course is suitable for security professionals or medical professionals wanting to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help in life-threatening situations, and is particularly relevant for those operating in areas where professional medical assistance isn’t immediately available. It represents a significant progression from the first aid basics, introducing students to rapid assessment and stabilisation as well as tactical awareness.

All elements of our course can be tailored to suit the people taking part, and made relevant to the areas they will be operating in – from personnel providing security in hostile environments, to maritime security officers– but at its core are the skills needed to give them confidence when dealing with casualties.

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What to expect

The Galahad FPOSI/TCC course is realistic and practical, aimed at security operatives and the specific situations they may encounter. As well as covering the obvious injuries related to trauma we also look at the more likely medical emergencies encountered when working with principals.

The course includes a combination of theoretical and practical teaching sessions. There are multiple scenario based, realistic exercises that test not only initial response to a medical emergency, but also the candidate’s ability to provide effective monitoring and aftercare.


Course Syllabus

The medical package includes the following:

  • The pre-hospital environment
  • Scene management
  • Patient assessment
  • Respiratory and airway management
  • Opening and maintaining airways
  • Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
  • Basic life support
  • Defibrillation
  • Circulation and shock
  • Medical related emergencies
  • Heart attack, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy
  • Trauma-related emergencies
  • Treatment of burns
  • Injuries to bones, joints tendons and ligaments
  • Skeletal and spinal stabilisation

Tactical Trauma Care

As well as covering the FPOSI syllabus, we also include elements of tactical trauma care in this course leading to an additional certificate.

The TTC element includes the following:

  • Phases of Tactical Medicine
  • Triage and mass casualty incidents management
  • Recognition and initial care of critical haemorrhage
  • Dealing with ballistic and blast injuries.
  • Working in confined spaces and vehicles
  • Casualty extraction and evacuation
  • Casualty handovers

Why Galahad?

Our medical training team are all highly qualified military medics who have real time experience in major conflict areas around the world.

All have worked with elite and special forces units, and bring a wealth of knowledge to the course.

This experience, combined with our specialist training facilities, practical scenarios and large amounts of kit and equipment means that we are recognised as one of the leading providers of this type of training.

Recently Galahad became the sole providers of medical training to the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, running regular FPOSI/TTC courses for their personnel prior to operational deployment.


“Everyone who is ex-mil knows that scenario based training is the only training that works, many companies will happily do death by PowerPoint and sit back and take your money. Fair enough you’ll have a tick in the box but would you actually be confident at carrying out life saving procedures on a client or a team member when it counts??? That is what you have to ask yourself. Im happy to say that after attending Galahad’s course I’m more than happy and I’ve also recommended to the maritime company that I work for that all our blokes should go through them, as quite simply they are leading the way.

Jamie and John ran the course like clockwork, I honestly couldn’t pick them up on anything. Kit, equipment, scran, training were all hoofin.

If your trying to pick a provider then I’ll save you the hassle now and tell you these guys are top of the league, your hard earned cash will be well spent here.”

KH, Maritime Security Team Leader


“Great course, knowledgable instructors, awesome facilities.

Would recommend to anyone”

IM, Maritime Security operative/CPO

“I attended the FPOS-I course run by Galahad Associates in June and I was impressed from the outset. The training area is huge and the facilities are excellent..how many courses provide a free lunch?! 

John the trainer was highly experienced and was able to back up his knowledge with first hand experiences and stories which put everything into context. We were given plenty of practical work and realistic exercises to do throughout the week rather than just sitting in a classroom and the amount of kit and equipment available to us was excellent.

I have already recommended this course to others and I would definitely use Galahad Associates for further courses.”


Meet the team

JP is one of the UK’s most highly regarded Close Protection instructors with a vast amount of operational and training experience. Having served in the Royal Marines in a variety of operational roles that include CP and surveillance, JP left in 2002 to forge a highly successful career in commercial Close Protection. Having provided Close Protection to Royalty, celebrities and high level business executives in over 20 countries over 5 continents JP is supremely qualified to design and deliver Close Protection training courses.

SL served for 27 years with the Royal Marines, 21 of which were with UKSF meaning that SL brings an un-paralleled amount of experience to the team. With a skill set that spans close protection and surveillance as well as hostage negotiation, counter terrorism and advanced driving SL has extensive operational experience around the globe. Since leaving the marines SL has gone on to forge a successful career in commercial security as well as becoming a qualified Krav Maga instructor.

AH is another former Royal Marine with a vast amount of Close Protection experience gained since 2005. Alex spent several years as the personal protection officer for a high-ranking member of a Middle Eastern Royal family, providing security during international travel. More recently AH has been involved in maritime security and has undertaken transits on both commercial shipping and super-yachts. AH is also a qualified personal fitness and physical intervention instructor.

SM comes from a police career spanning 30 years, a large percentage of which was served as a surveillance operative working on high-level operations including organised crime and anti-terror. Since 2005 SM was an advanced surveillance instructor delivering training to both the police and UK Special Forces. SM is also a police advanced driver and assessor.



Those students who are successful in passing the High Threat Medic course will receive the following qualifications and certificates:
    • Edexcel Level Two Award First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS – I)


  • Galahad Associates Tactical Trauma Care certificate


Course Prices

Package 1 - United Kingdom

4 day package at our UK training centre in Hampshire.

Includes all exam and certificate fees

Excludes food and accommodation

Cost £450 (inc.VAT)

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Package 2 - Czech Republic

4 day package at our training centre in the Czech Republic

Includes flights from UK
4 nights Accommodation in a shared room
All meals

Cost: £650 (inc.VAT)

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Specialist training facilities

The UK Training facility is located in Hampshire, close to Andover. With a range of urban and rural areas we can deliver training that is highly realistic and geared specifically to your role.

Our CZ training facility is located 45 minutes from Prague in the Czech Republic which enables us to offer a level of training realism that is impossible in the UK.

With our own 300 metre shooting range and Hostile Environment Training area, as well as evasive and off-road driver training facilities there is very little we can’t offer.

Accommodation and catering is provided on site and is included in our course prices.

To view images from our UK centre please click here


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