First Aid For Tree Workers

Exclusive to the Arboriculture Industry

2016 Course Dates

June 17th (1 Day course)
June 30th (3-Day remote workers course with Aerial rescue)
August 19th
September 10th
September 24th

About the course

This course has been designed exclusively for tree surgeons and forestry workers in response to the consensus that basic first aid at work courses fail to meet the needs of tree workers or deal with the injuries witnessed in this industry.

These injuries are most commonly caused by chainsaws, falls from height and being struck by falling timber or trees.

This course addresses those injuries and will give you or your employees the skills and confidence needed to deal with major incidents in the workplace.

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Course Overview

The 1 day First Aid for Tree Workers course will cover the following topics in an in depth and practical way:

• Roles and Responsibilities of the first aider

• Scene assessment and management
• Casualty assessment (CABCDE)
• Control of major external bleeding (including introduction and safe use of specialist equipment and supplies including tourniquets, field dressings and haemostatic agents such as Celox)
• Spinal care
• Airway management
• CPR and basic life support
• Treatment of shock
• Bites, stings and anaphylaxis

We will also provide advice on the contents of tree work first aid kits for both individuals and teams

Why you need this course

Working in the UK means that normally an ambulance or paramedic are only a phone call away.

However did you know that a casualty with an arterial bleed can be unconscious within 1 minute and dead within 4 minutes?…long before that ambulance arrives.

Do you or your teams have the knowledge and skills to recognise and treat these type of injuries?

By introducing techniques developed by the military during recent conflicts we can help you to stabilise a casualty and keep them alive while waiting for professional medical care to arrive.

This training takes you well away from the classroom and puts you in realistic working environments and scenarios.

Instructors and facilities

The instructors have gained experience during time spent in the Arb industry, ambulance service and the British Military as well as relevant first aid and teaching qualifications.

Our training facilities near Bournemouth are second to none, with outdoor training areas and work sites.

If preferred the course can be run at a clients location for groups of 10 or more.

We supply all kit and equipment required for the course as well as refreshments and lunch during the day.

Feedback for the course

“I’d just like to thank you all for a really great day.

Considering this was the inaugural First Aid for Tree Workers course, I can safely say I’ve come away with more knowledge & confidence to actually make a difference if the unthinkable were to happen at work.

Well done to you all, very professional & clearly very knowledgeable. A great course that’s been a long time coming.

I for one can’t recommend you guys enough, intense & enjoyable !! Not enough fake blood though !!
Thanks again”

S. Weir

Meet the team

JP is one of the UK’s most highly regarded Close Protection instructors with a vast amount of operational and training experience. Having served in the Royal Marines in a variety of operational roles that include CP and surveillance, JP left in 2002 to forge a highly successful career in commercial Close Protection. Having provided Close Protection to Royalty, celebrities and high level business executives in over 20 countries over 5 continents JP is supremely qualified to design and deliver Close Protection training courses.

SL served for 27 years with the Royal Marines, 21 of which were with UKSF meaning that SL brings an un-paralleled amount of experience to the team. With a skill set that spans close protection and surveillance as well as hostage negotiation, counter terrorism and advanced driving SL has extensive operational experience around the globe. Since leaving the marines SL has gone on to forge a successful career in commercial security as well as becoming a qualified Krav Maga instructor.

AH is another former Royal Marine with a vast amount of Close Protection experience gained since 2005. Alex spent several years as the personal protection officer for a high-ranking member of a Middle Eastern Royal family, providing security during international travel. More recently AH has been involved in maritime security and has undertaken transits on both commercial shipping and super-yachts. AH is also a qualified personal fitness and physical intervention instructor.

SM comes from a police career spanning 30 years, a large percentage of which was served as a surveillance operative working on high-level operations including organised crime and anti-terror. Since 2005 SM was an advanced surveillance instructor delivering training to both the police and UK Special Forces. SM is also a police advanced driver and assessor.



Candidates will be awarded the following qualifications/certificates following this 1 day course:

Galahad Associates certificate First Aid for Tree Workers (FATW)

HABC Level 2 award Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)


Course Prices

Individual Price

First Aid For Tree Workers 1 day course

Refreshments and lunch provided

Cost £109 (Ex.VAT) per person

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Group Price

First Aid for Tree Workers 1 day course for groups of 10 or more

Refreshments and lunch provided

Cost £98 (Ex.VAT) per person

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