Close Protection Training

25 day Close Protection Operators Course

2016 Course Dates

This course is only available on request to groups or corporate entities.

About the course

Galahad Associates Ltd. is first and foremost an operational security company and, as well as being experienced instructors, our team has extensive and, more importantly, current knowledge of commercial Close Protection.

Between them they have looked after Royalty, heads of state, celebrities and business executives around the globe. This expertise has led to the development one of the UK’s most in-depth, practical and realistic courses, providing an array of qualifications that enable candidates to stand out in this competitive industry.

The Galahad Associates Close Protection course is unrivalled in the industry in terms of realism, course content and value for money. No other course can immerse you this completely in the world of commercial Close Protection.

The Galahad course naturally covers all of the modules required for the application of an SIA licence, but that isn’t our primary aim, instead we strive to produce quality operators who can provide effective Close Protection worldwide, regardless of the location, threat level or profile of the principal.

Comprising of 250 hours of training, this is the only course for those who are truly committed to achieving their goals in the world of commercial Close Protection.

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Days 1 - 4 Tactical Trauma Care (Level 2 FPOS – Intermediate)

A realistic and practical course aimed at Close Protection operators and the specific situations they may encounter. As well as covering the obvious injuries related to trauma we also look at the more likely medical emergencies encountered when working with principals, including paediatric care.

The medical package includes the following

  • Scene management
  • Triage and patient assessment
  • Respiratory and airway management
  • Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
  • Basic life support
  • Defibrillation
  • Circulation and shock
  • Recognition and initial care of critical hemorrhage
  • Medical related emergencies
  • Heart attack, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy
  • Trauma-related emergencies
  • Treatment of burns
  • Injuries to bones, joints tendons and ligaments
  • Skeletal stabilization

The course has been designed to be as practical as possible includes multiple scenario based exercises that test not only initial response to a medical emergency, but also the candidate’s ability to provide effective monitoring and aftercare.

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Days 5 - 7 Introduction to Close Protection Operations

This first part of the CP phase of the course introduces candidates to the responsibilities of the CPO and specialist roles within the team. Modules include:

  • Roles and responsibilities within a CP team
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Reconnaissance and operational planning
  • Venue security operations
  • Law and legislation
  • Protocol and client liaison
  • Personal safety awareness
  • Close Protection on foot and reaction to attack

As with all other elements of the course, the emphasis during this phase is placed on practical training rather than classroom based lectures and candidates will be required to start operating as a team during scenario-based exercises.

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Days 8 - 10 Introduction to Executive Close Protection Driving

Although not currently an SIA requirement, a CPO must have a good level of driving skill and an understanding of protective driving techniques. Days 9 to 11 introduce the skills that will be used and practised over the remainder of the course. These include:

  • Vehicle search techniques
  • Embus and debus drills, including reaction to attack
  • Advanced and defensive driving skills
  • Protective driving and convoy driving
  • Introduction to anti ambush driving

Days 11 - 12 Operation Archangel, Close Protection Exercise

At this point in the course the candidate’s knowledge is assessed during a full-scale exercise. Working as a team, candidates will be expected to plan and carry out a Close Protection task that will fully test them on all of the subjects covered to date.

Like all of the practical elements of the course, this exercise is designed to be as realistic as possible, giving candidates an insight into the role of the Close Protection Operative.

Days 13 - 15 Surveillance Training Phase

More and more clients are demanding low key, discreet security otherwise known as protective surveillance. Combine this with the fact that quality counter and anti surveillance is often the only defence a CP team will have against a potential enemy, and it becomes essential that all operators have an understanding of covert surveillance techniques.

This part of the course revolves around practical training and culminates in another full-scale, scenario-based exercise.

Successful completion of the surveillance phase will lead to a Level 3 Award in covert surveillance operations.

Days 16 Celebrity Protection Skills

Essential for anyone wishing to find work within the world of celebrity protection. This phase explores the particular skills needed to deal with high maintenance principals, pushy paparazzi and over zealous fans. Taught by industry professionals with vast experience, subjects covered include:

  • International travel planning and security
  • Planning around crowds
  • Working red carpet and high profile events
  • Dealing with the media and maintaining the principal’s image
  • Conflict management skills
  • Dealing with fans and stalkers

During this phase real crowds are used to simulate realistic training scenarios such as film premieres and awards ceremonies.

Days 17 - 20 Hostile Environment Awareness Phase

Regardless of your background, when working as a Close Protection Officer you may be required to operate in an environment that has extremely high threat levels, extreme weather conditions or is remote with little support or critical infrastructure.

These hostile environments require more specific skills that are introduced during this phase of the course:

  • Weapon familiarisation and handling
  • Safe handling drills
  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Stoppage and reload drills
  • Drawing from holster and weapon presentation
  • Shooting from various fire positions
  • Target engagement
  • Theatre specific walking drills and reaction to attack
  • Off-road driving techniques
  • Advanced navigation
  • HE Convoy driving and reaction to vehicle ambush
  • IED and ERW awareness and recognition
  • Cultural awareness

The HE phase culminates in practical exercises that will test reaction to attack, fitness and medical skills to the limit.

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Days 21 - 24 Final Assessment

The course culminates in a live International CP operation spanning several days and utilising major airports and 5 star venues. The team will plan and execute this task with no input from the training team.

During this time all candidates will be thoroughly assessed and graded on both their individual and team performances.

Days 25 Industry Awareness

Once training is completed candidates will be thoroughly briefed on the skills needed to break into this competitive industry, including:

  • Writing a CV and cover letter
  • Approaching employers
  • Interview techniques
  • Self employment and tax issues
  • Personal insurance
  • Presentations from employers

All successful candidates will be interviewed by the Galahad Associates HR team, with a view to becoming preferred contractors for future tasks. There is no guarantee of work however we will strive to employ our graduates wherever possible.

Meet the team

JP is one of the UK’s most highly regarded Close Protection instructors with a vast amount of operational and training experience. Having served in the Royal Marines in a variety of operational roles that include CP and surveillance, JP left in 2002 to forge a highly successful career in commercial Close Protection. Having provided Close Protection to Royalty, celebrities and high level business executives in over 20 countries over 5 continents JP is supremely qualified to design and deliver Close Protection training courses.

SL served for 27 years with the Royal Marines, 21 of which were with UKSF meaning that SL brings an un-paralleled amount of experience to the team. With a skill set that spans close protection and surveillance as well as hostage negotiation, counter terrorism and advanced driving SL has extensive operational experience around the globe. Since leaving the marines SL has gone on to forge a successful career in commercial security as well as becoming a qualified Krav Maga instructor.

AH is another former Royal Marine with a vast amount of Close Protection experience gained since 2005. Alex spent several years as the personal protection officer for a high-ranking member of a Middle Eastern Royal family, providing security during international travel. More recently AH has been involved in maritime security and has undertaken transits on both commercial shipping and super-yachts. AH is also a qualified personal fitness and physical intervention instructor.

SM comes from a police career spanning 30 years, a large percentage of which was served as a surveillance operative working on high-level operations including organised crime and anti-terror. Since 2005 SM was an advanced surveillance instructor delivering training to both the police and UK Special Forces. SM is also a police advanced driver and assessor.



This is a strict pass or fail course and we maintain the highest standards. On completion of the entire course and successfully passing the practical assessments and written exams candidates will receive the following qualifications:

  • Edexcel Level 3 certificate in Close Protection Operations
  • HABC Level 3 award in Covert Surveillance Operations
  • Edexcel Level 2 award First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS – I)
  • GA Tactical Trauma Care certificate
  • GA Protective Driving certificate
  • GA Hostile Environment Awareness certificate

Course Prices

Option 1 - 25 Day course, excluding MIRA

25 day package including flights, accommodation and meals:

Level 3 Close Protection (including FPOSI and covert surveillance)
4 day live firearms package
25 nights 4 star hotel accommodation in twin room (single rooms available for a supplement) with All meals

Cost £3,500 (inc.VAT)

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Option 2 - 25 Day course, excluding Flights and accommodation

25 day package excluding flights, accommodation and meals:

Level 3 Close Protection (including FPOSI and covert surveillance)
4 day live firearms package

Cost £3,100 (inc.VAT)

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Specialist training facility in The Czech Republic

Our training facility is located 45 minutes from Prague in the Czech Republic which enables us to offer a level of training realism that is impossible in the UK.

With our own 300 metre shooting range and Hostile Environment Training area, as well as evasive and off-road driver training facilities there is very little we can’t offer.

All Close Protection and surveillance exercises are carried out in real time, public environments and extend across multiple countries giving students the opportunity to practice international travel planning as well as gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by Close Protection officers when operating outside of the UK.


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